Produktų katalogas Apsaugos sistemos Judesio jutikliai

PYRONIX KX15DT judesio-mikrobangų jutiklis

• Dual Element Pyro-electric Sensor

• Blue Wave Technology

• Selectable EOL (End of Line) Resistors

• 15m Detection Range

• Patented Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT)

• Adjustable Sensitivity Settings

• Digital Temperature Compensation

• Triple LED Indication

• AND/OR Technology

• Frequency Options

• X-band DRO Based Microwave

• Sealed Optics

• Tamper Proof Brackets Included

• ABS Plastics



Operating Voltage 9 - 16VDC (12V nominal)

Current Consumption - No Alarm State 23mA

Current Consumption - Alarm State 30mA

Relay Solid State

Relay Output 60VDC, 50mA, Protected

Tamper Switch 12V max, 50mA max

RFI Immunity to Continuous Wave (CW) 80 – 2000MHz 75V/m

RFI Immunity to Amplitude Modulation (AM) 80 – 2000MHz 25V/m

RFI Immunity to Pulse Modulation (PM) 80 – 2000MHz 25V/m

DTI approved frequencies: 10.680, 10.687, 10.695GHz

FCC approved frequencies: 10.515, 10.525, 10.535GHz

PTT approved frequencies: 9.87, 9.90, 9.91GHz



Alarm period of 2.5 seconds

Detection Speed 0.3 - 3m/s

Operating Temperature -30

Storage Temperature -40

oC to +70oCoC to +80oC



White Light Filter 6500 Lux

Optics Sealed

Lens Fresnel array, ‘Grooves in’ infrared


Protection Ultraviolet Light Filter

Tilt Adjustment 0

o – 12o


Optimum Coverage Height 1.8-2.4m



Kaina:  €28,73

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